One weeks learning summary of JavaScript

My 1st day learning topics are

String is very interesting part of my learning the topics of string which I learn :

charAt, concat, includes, endsWith, indexOf, lastIndexOf, replace, slice, split, startsWith, substr, toLowercase, toUppercase, trim, trimStart, trimEnd

By those topics analysis we do all things which we want with string:

Some interesting topics of JavaScript number

isNaN, parseFloat, parseInt

Topics I learn from javaScript array:
concat, every, filter, find, findIndex, forEach, indexOf, join, map, lastaIndexOf, pop, push, reduce, reverse, shift, slice, sort, splice, unshift

Java script Object:

Create, assign, freeze, keys, seal, values

Topics JavaScript math:
Abs, sin, cos, exp, floor, log, min, max, random, round, sqrt

In 2nd day learning topics are:
Re-intro of JavaScript,Numbers,Strings,Variables,Operators,Control structures,Objects,Arrays,Functions,Custom objects,Closures

above those topics are the revision of the day 1 topics

From those topics:

Public fields

Public static fields,Public instance fields

Public methods

Public static methods,Public static methods

Private fields

Private instance fields

Private Methods

Private static methods,Private instance methods

Learn about webform
<form> element,<fieldset> and <legend> elements,<label> element

In 3rd day learning topics are:

In this day I learn about

Error Handling

Children: childNodes, firstChild, lastChild

More topics in this day I learn:
Siblings and the parent,Node properties: type, tag and contents,DOM node classes,The nodeType property,innerHTML: the contents,outerHTML: full,HTML of the element,textContent: pure text,The hidden property

Styles and classes Topics

className,classList,Element style

In 4th day learning topics are:

JavaScript types

comparision, typeOf, instanceOf, type casting


As a name itself indicating, eval function tries to evaluate the given value and returns a number otherwise returns an where value can be a number, expression, string, or JavaScript statement.

More topics are
DeleteKeyword,setTimeout,setIntervals,Scopes ,Namespaces

In 5th day learning topics are:

Today’s topics are:
Block Bindings,Var Declarations and Hoisting,Block-Level Declarations, Block Binding in Loops, Global Block Bindings, Emerging Best Practices for Block Bindings

Object Destructuring,Array Destructuring

JavaScript Class:
ECMAScript 5, Class Declarations, Class Expressions, Classes as First-Class Citizens, Accessor Properties, Computed Member Names, Inheritance with Derived Classes

In 6th day learning topics are:

Object-Oriented Paradigm

Core concepts of oop:

Useful keywords: Get, Set, This

Today’s more topics:
Functions as objects,Constructor functions,Prototype objects,functional programming,Pure functions,Immutability,Recursion

This topics are which I learn about JavaScript and I discuss some of this topics very shortly.I hope if anyone understand this topics JavaScript is become so easier for him/her.