Sample Example of Project’s Overview

Project’s Name: “Aircnc”

Project’s Overview

We build an “Aircnc” or hotel booking website. That helps people to find out their hotel which is available. Using our website people can share experiences about their hotel. By our website, people will be able to see the hotel within a particular area. And they can also pay their payment using our payment gateway.

Project Team

01. Rakibul Islam — Front-End Developer —
02. Md Piash — Back-End Developer — Project Lead

Project Phase

01. Phase 1: Complete Website’s Front-End
02. Phase 2: Add API
03. Phase 3: Add Google Analytics
04. Phase 4: Add Unit Test

Content Structure


01. When users come to our website they search the hotel of their requirement.
02. Peoples can choose a room by selecting the hotel.
03. Then Peoples see the hotel room details.
04. They can know the various types of hotel rooms have various prices.
05. After that, they book their hotel room.
06. They pay money through our payment gateway.
07. We add an API to our website.
08. Therefore, all forms of information will save the database.
09. We also add Google Analytics to our website.
10. Therefore, users can trace people’s behavior.

Responsive designs

Our website is viewed on a wide range of devices and screen sizes. Because it is really important to consider how people see our site will look, especially on small screens such as smartphones.


Our website has web accessibility quality. It’s really helpful for various types of people.

Website’s Link: